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Swap Your Morning Oats for Pinole, an Aztec Corn and Chia Seed Porridge

This hearty mix of cornmeal, oats, and chia seeds is my new favorite morning fuel.

Edible Glitter Infuses Even My Saddest Meals with Vegas-Level Glitz

Maybe you’ve tried adding glitter to cupcakes. But have you tried it on shrimp?

The Best Kitchen Shears for Snipping Herbs and Spatchcocking Chickens

A good knife can do it all—but there are some things a pair of kitchen scissors can do better.

7 Vegan Cookbooks We Turn to Again and Again

Whether you follow a strict plant-based diet or are just looking to make your meals more climate-friendly, we’ve got the cookbook for you.

The Best Knife Sharpener Is a Whetstone

The nicest thing you can do for your knife is sharpen it.

This Kitchen Cabinet Organizer Is the Best $20 I’ve Ever Spent

Finally my sheet pans and cutting boards have a tidy home—and I have peace.

What Is the Best Vegan Protein Powder, and by “Best,” I Mean Tastiest?

Eleven tubs of protein and one broken blender later, I have answers.

This Egg Cooker Makes Boiled Eggs At the Press of a Button

I could never nail a consistently jammy egg—until I met the Dash Rapid Egg Cooker.

Melissa Miranda Thinks You Need a Carbon-Steel Wok

In her YouTube videos, chef Melissa Miranda shows off the wok she uses for stir-fries, pancit, and even pasta.

For a Southerner in New York, Pimento Cheese Is the Cure for Homesickness

Callie’s fiery pimento cheese is just like my mom’s—except spicier.

13 Excellent Coffee Alternatives, for People Who Are Sick of That Damn Joe

From frothy matcha lattes to roasted barley blends, you’ve got options.

This Heated Coffee Mug Keeps My Americano at the Perfect Temp All Day Long

The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug was made for high-maintenance drinkers like me.

The Best Espresso Machines for Beginners, Coffee Nerds, and Everyone in Between

A good espresso machine is an investment. But how much do you spend at the coffee shop every year?

My Le Creuset French Press Symbolizes Everything I Love About Adulthood

The best gift my roommate ever gave me was a sense of home. The second best gift was a Le Creuset French press.

Does the Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine Live up to the Hype?

One BA staffer drank an unholy amount of coffee to find out.

I Get My Coffee Mailed To Me And It's 100% Worth It

Each time a bag of beans from Trade Coffee arrives, it’s like a little caffeinated gift.

This Flash-Frozen Coffee Is Revolutionizing My Morning

For coffee connoisseurs looking for a quick fix, it doesn’t get any better than this.

The Best Ways to Make Coffee, According to Baristas

Plus, their favorite tools for getting the job done.

Want Jam That Tastes Like Fruit, Not Skittles? Trade Street Jam Is for You

This low-sugar, pectin-free jam is for more than just toast.

Everyone Who Moves This Year Is Getting Wine Charms for Housewarming Gifts

These felt wine glass markers are bright, fun, and easy to send.

I Love Chocolate. I Love Cheese. I Love Chocolate Cheese.

Murray’s Cave Aged Triple Crème de Cocoa is a pairing for the ages.

Stop What You’re Doing And Replace Your Microplane

Save your fingers. Obliterate your ginger.

This Kombucha Lets the Tea Do All the Talking

Why brew my own when Unified Ferments’s kombucha is so much better?

Sonia Chopra Will Not Be Parted from Her Toaster Oven and Block-Print Napkins

BA’s executive editor Sonia Chopra shares her at-home obsessions.

25 Gifts for Your Valentine That Go Beyond a Bouquet

From fragrant rose harissa to a decadent chocolate cake decorated with buttercream rosettes, everything's coming up roses.