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All BodyGuardz products are built to last. However, with everyday wear and tear (and the occasional accident or two), even the most durable items may eventually have to be replaced.

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*You may also be asked to provide proof of purchase. The lifetime of the product is defined as two (2) years from the date of purchase of your original screen protector/full-body skin by the original, end-user purchaser.
20% off device protection

20% off device protection

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iPhone 11 Screen Protectors

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iPhone 11 Screen Protectors

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Apple iPhone 11 BodyGuardz Pure® 2 Edge Premium Glass Screen Protector
Apple iPhone 11 PRTX® Privacy Shatterproof Synthetic Glass Screen Protector
Apple iPhone 11 PRTX® EyeGuard Shatterproof Synthetic Glass Screen Protector
Apple iPhone 11 PRTX® Shatterproof Synthetic Glass Screen Protector

Buying a screen protector is easy—but not every iPhone 11 screen protector performs the same way or promises the kind of protection you’re hoping for. Finding a high-performing and hardworking iPhone 11 screen protector can be challenging.

Many generic screen protectors come with lofty claims, but are they backed by science or validated by customer reviews? Do these screen protectors stand the test of time? Better yet, have they been subjected to the elements they’re supposed to protect against?

BodyGuardz® screen protectors check all the boxes you expect for best-in-class smartphone protection, and even include a few you may not have thought of before. Our premium, high-performing iPhone 11 screen protectors are easy to install without irritating bubbles. They provide edge-to-edge protection, stave off optical fatigue, and even keep your activities private from onlookers.

How Does Pure® 2 Edge Aluminosilicate Glass Protect Your Phone?

Powerfully protective aluminosilicate minerals form a rock-hard surface that absorbs impact and resists scratches and nicks. Aluminosilicate materials combine the metallic strength of aluminum and the flexibility of silica. Aluminum particles replace some of the silicate material, resulting in an extremely moldable, clay-like texture and feel. Some forms of aluminosilicate take on a harder, more crystalline form and are often polished into precious stones such as emeralds to increase its natural durability and scratch-resistance.

This nature-made mineral is the perfect base material for an iPhone 11 screen protector. While your phone may not be a precious gemstone, it’s still a major investment that deserves the most innovative protection available.

When coupled with the award-winning BodyGuardz edge-to-edge design, aluminosilicate-based glass provides a sleek look with unparalleled phone protection.

Choosing the Right Screen Protector Type for Your iPhone 11

The BodyGuardz curated collection of iPhone 11 screen protectors offers smartphone users three innovative options. Any one of these screen protectors features high-performing materials, innovative construction and design, as well as exceptional impact and scratch prevention.

To go beyond our promise of superior defense for your phone, BodyGuardz products also come with their own kind of protection: the Advantage Program promise. All screen protectors include a lifetime of free replacements and a 30-day, money back guarantee.

Consider the unique properties of each screen protector type. Base your purchasing decision on a combination of factors that will protect your iPhone 11, complement your iPhone 11 case, and that will work best with your eyes to enhance graphics and readability.

- Tempered Glass

Tempered glass screen protectors are the most popular type of iPhone 11 protection. But that doesn’t mean they are right for every user. BodyGuardz tempered glass is engineered with highly-durable aluminosilicate glass to fortify screen protection from edge to edge.

Benefits include the following features:

Tempered glass screen protectors are great for users who drop their phones, who are looking for extreme impact protection, or who frequently scratch their devices. Virtually invisible to the eye or the touch, tempered glass screen protectors are as close to the screen of your smartphone as possible.

Tempered glass is fingerprint resistant and will last for months.

BodyGuardz currently offers four unique tempered glass screen protectors:

Pure® 2 Edge: Edge-to-edge, precision-cut form built to withstand extreme impact with superior scratch protection, and designed to enhance the longevity of your screen functions. Pure 2 EyeGuard™: Premium-level, maximum impact protection and durability with the added feature of blue-light blocking, which reduces digital eye strain.
SpyGlass® Edge: Best-in-class, edge-to-edge impact protection with an enhanced layer providing privacy from onlookers for two-way browsing, scrolling, and usage.
Pure® 2: Extreme impact protection in a sleek, ultra-thin design.

- Synthetic Glass

Diamond-hard tempered glass isn’t what all iPhone 11 users are necessarily looking for. A shatterproof screen protector with an extreme level of impact defense that is chip and scratch resistant is the answer. Synthetic glass iPhone 11 screen protectors feel like glass with perfect touch sensitivity and edge-to-edge coverage.

Instead of aluminosilicate construction, synthetic glass screen protectors are shatterproof. Tempered glass, much like a windshield, is extremely strong—until a major crack spreads and demolishes the durability of the glass. However, synthetic glass bounces back with a level of flexibility tempered glass doesn’t provide.

Benefits include the following features:

Synthetic glass screen protectors are created with materials that include layer-by-layer, fortified protection.
The first layer is crafted from absorbent adhesive that preserves touch sensitivity and prevents stylus glitches.
The middle layer is the “synthetic” part of synthetic glass, featuring a formula of high-quality acrylic and PET. This keeps the screen protector bendable and flexible without shattering.
The final, protective layer is an innovative, electroplated topcoat that feels and looks like glass, with an 8H hardness. (For comparison, most glass screen protectors are only slightly higher with a 9H hardness.)

Synthetic glass screen protectors won’t chip, crack, or pop off your screen.
These blends are designed for individuals who need a shatterproof level of edge-to-edge protection.

BodyGuardz currently offers three unique synthetic glass screen protector options:

PRTX®: Primary synthetic glass screen protector that provides best-in-class, shatterproof and chip-resistant protection.
PRTX® EyeGuard: Features the durability of shatter-resistant protection with additional blue-light blocking technology for the reduction of digital eye strain.
PRTX® Privacy: Edge-to-edge, two-way privacy layer that keeps information from onlookers.

- Protective Film

Not all protective film screen protectors are created equal. Those that do not consider the fundamental properties of the materials used won’t deliver the performance you need and the protection standards you expect.

Protective film screen covers for the iPhone 11 feature flexible, breathable, and self-healing polyurethane materials. This is a class of high-performance polymers that preserve the firmness of plastic while still being smooth and soft to the touch. The particles are specifically engineered to absorb the impact of scratches and nicks to preserve their integrity over time.

If you’re concerned about glass eventually shattering, protective film is an option. Its edge-to-edge protection has a bouncier, skin-like touch for your finger or stylus.

BodyGuardz currently offers a premium quality, protective film screen protector:

UltraTough®: Boasts an exceptionally thin, sleek design that wraps your screen up like skin. Its long-lasting, scratch-resistance and heavy-duty impact protection is also flexible.

Preserve the Life of Your Smart Tech with BodyGuardz Screen Tech

The BodyGuardz collection of scientifically-designed iPhone 11 screen protectors offers smartphone users unparalleled screen protection.

BodyGuardz screen protectors are innovative and built to last while focusing on user experience. With free lifetime replacements, a 30-day, money back guarantee, and a superior warranty, BodyGuardz cares about the health and longevity of your phone.

Become a part of the BodyGuardz family to protect the integrity, readability, and privacy of your iPhone 11 screen.