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Tips, tricks and techniques

Pelau Tells the Story of Trinidad and Tobago Through One Delicious Dish

It encapsulates the richness of a multicultural society and its history of triumph and tragedy.

Oil Your Measuring Cups And Never Scrape Sticky Ingredients Again

I spent 30 years measuring sticky ingredients like a fool.

Choux Pastry Unlocks a Universe of Sweet and Savory Baking

This versatile pastry dough belongs at every meal.

The Case for Cooking Vegetables Way Past the Point of Just Tender

Where others see overcooked vegetables I see perfectly cooked vegetables.

When I Want Falafel But Don’t Want to Fry, I Bake a Falafel Cake

My lazy shortcut turned into a go-to weeknight meal.

Shrimp Paste Is for Umami Lovers

The deep, savory richness of kapi can't be replicated.

How Long Does It Really Take to Preheat An Oven?

And why do we need to preheat, anyway?

Some Say That Ginger Wine Fights Colds and Indigestion—But I Drink It Because It's Delicious

This caramel cordial is flavored with chiles, spices, ginger, and lime—so you know it's good.

How to Cook Brown Rice Like a Pro

There’s no one way to do it, but these tried-and-true methods will set you up for brown rice success.

Don't Sleep on This TikTok-Famous Phyllo Crinkle Cake

It's one of the best things you can do with store-bought phyllo dough.

The Key to Creamy Cream-Free Soup Is Hiding in Your Pantry

How to get that creamy goodness without the dairy.

What Are Preserved Lemons And Why Are They in Soo Many BA Recipes?

ICYMI we sort of have a thing for preserved lemons.

My Favorite Ways to Make Box Cake A Whole Lot Better

They don't call me the cake mix doctor for nothing.

Mushroom Stock Does What Meat Stock Could Never

Simple and streamlined, fast and flavorful, good hot or cold or frozen, and best enjoyed…pantsless?

This One Addition Makes French Toast Way More Flavorful

Jam in your French toast > jam on your French toast.

You Should Add Spices to Your Coffee Grounds

This simple trick almost made me a morning person.

For Firmer, Chewier, More Absorbent Tofu, Freeze It

“The freezer changed me.” —Your tofu

Everything You Need to Know to Make Hot Pot At Home

The method (and the madness) behind our favorite way communal, choose-your-own-adventure meal.

How to Make the Best Broth, According to an Expert

Turns out there’s more to great broth than throwing a bunch of scraps into a pot.

Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder: What’s the Difference?

Keep messing up your baked goods? This article is for you.

How to Make Kale Chips Like It’s 2014

The fastest way to eat an entire bunch of kale by yourself.

What Is Potlikker? For Starters, Powerful

Carla Hall’s favorite soul food staple makes for thick gravies, flavorful veggies, and rich stews.

The Best Oils for Cooking, Grilling, Baking, and Beyond

Plus, our test kitchen’s favorite brands.

13 Ways to Make Better Soups

To make a robust and boldly flavored soup, you need to invest time and effort. Follow these recipes and tips, and the payoff will be huge.

Sad Winter Fruit Is Meant to Be Roasted

I don’t need pie dough or a cobbler topping when I’ve got Hot Fruit.

For Fried Chicken That Stays Crispy, Reach for Rice Flour

I had to eat a lot of popcorn chicken, but I finally found the perfect dredge.

Thai Basil Simply Has No Substitute

Sweet basil just can't do it justice.

Making Caramel Corn Is Easier Than It Has Any Right To Be

It's caramel corn's world and I'm just living in it.

The Easiest Fried Cheese Sticks

Deep-fry Halloumi. That’s it. That’s the recipe.

My Minimalist Chili Crisp Is All About the Crisp

The crunchier the chili crisp, the closer to heaven.

My Lunar New Year Menu Brings a Taste of Taipei to My NYC Apartment

A mini menu festive enough to channel the spirit of the holiday, even thousands of miles from home.

Malfatti Is the Homemade Pasta for People With No Pasta-Making Skills

These little pillows of cheesy goodness are meant to be misshapen.

The Supremely Lazy-But-Resourceful Way to Make Crispy Rice

On my table, it’s crispy rice or no rice at all.

How to Steam Anything You Want (No, You Don't Need a Basket)

Once you learn the set-up, there's nothing you can't steam.

I Could—and I Will—Eat Silog for Every Meal of the Week

Add whatever protein your little heart desires to the garlic fried rice and runny eggs.

To Clean the Grimiest Sheet Pans, Break Out Your Power Drill

Attaching a brush head to a drill is my idea of a good time, HBU?