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iPhone 11 Pro Cases

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iPhone 11 Pro Cases

BodyGuardz Paradigm™ Grip Case with TriCore™ Protection for Apple iPhone 11 Pro
BodyGuardz Accent Wallet Case with TriCore™ Protection for Apple iPhone 11 Pro
BodyGuardz SlideVue® Case with Unequal® Technology for Apple iPhone 11 Pro
BodyGuardz Momentum™ Case with TriCore™ Protection for Apple iPhone 11 Pro
BodyGuardz Accent Duo Case with TriCore™ Protection for Apple iPhone 11 Pro
BodyGuardz Paradigm S Case with TriCore™ Protection for Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Besides the three-lens camera jutting out on the back of the iPhone 11 Pro, nothing else interrupts its continuous, sleek, smooth glass covering. For the first time in a series of iPhone generations, the 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max feature an all-glass front and back. The casing promises to be one of the most durable, scratchproof, and impact-resistant surfaces, despite its glassy origins.

Is this a promise Apple can really deliver? The lofty price tag of the iPhone 11 Pro could justify the claim of the most robust casing yet. However, much depends on how many times the phone is exposed to impact, the kind of objects it comes in contact with, and even the temperature.

In fact, the wrap-around glass casing on the iPhone 11 Pro is precisely why you need a case. You also don’t want to sacrifice style and look, so it’s important to choose a case that promises high quality, durable materials, and innovative, modern designs that actually make users want to protect their iPhones.

Going “Pro” With the Promise of Unequal® and TriCore™ Technology

The BodyGuardz collection features eight high-quality, premium iPhone 11 Pro cases with two different types of protection you can count on.

- Unequal Technology

Unequal technology is used in protective sportswear and team gear for top athletes, designed to protect the human body from pain and injury. Using military-grade materials such as reinforced Kevlar®, Unequal is the most advanced phone protection technology available.

When used Unequal technology offers:

Instant shock and impact resistant
Slim, lightweight protection that is fused within the material of the phone case
Superior absorption and smart-impact dissipation
A supple, rubber-like, flexible grip that is soft to the touch

- TriCore Protection

Tricore protection includes Unequal and is the other side of the technology behind cases by BodyGuardz. As the name indicates, the TriCore construction allows for multi-layered protection, infused with Unequal technology.

TriCore Protection includes:

A layer of patented, shock-absorbing Unequal material
A torsion plate or an outer layer that reduces twisting forces and provides additional impact protection if you ever drop your phone
A protective, reinforced bumper that offers bounce and impact protection

TriCore’s unique, multi-layered design works best when it’s in action and is backed by a 10-foot drop rating with a lifetime case warranty.

How to Choose the Right Case For You

When you look at the collection of BodyGuardz iPhone 11 Pro cases it might be hard to decide which one is right for you. The Ace Pro®, SlideVue™, and Harmony™ all come with lightweight, Unequal technology built right into the case.

You could also choose from Momentum™, Paradigm™ Grip and Paradigm S, or the Accent™ Wallet and Accent Duo cases, if you’d rather have reinforced TriCore protection for your phone.

BodyGuardz designs each product based on particular user situations. Beyond the patented protection technology, each case has its own set of unique features that best serves a particular type of iPhone 11 Pro user. Use the following questions to navigate your way around the curated collection of iPhone 11 Pro cases from BodyGuardz.

Do you prioritize:

A grippy texture? — The Momentum or Paradigm Grip is right for you!
Slim and lightweight construction? — The Ace Pro is for you!
Transparency? — The Harmony allows you to experience the natural beauty of your iPhone 11 Pro with just a splash of color!
Streaming? — The SlideVue gives you the best view!

Expressing Your Unique Style with Five iPhone 11 Pro Cases

BodyGuardz collection of iPhone 11 Pro cases proves that function and style are not mutually exclusive. High-performing, best-in-class technology can only be appreciated when it comes in a case that enhances your phone’s look and feel. There are many uninspired cases offering either poor protection value or unappealing designs. However, the BodyGuardz collection re-imagines the user with specific preferences and favorite phone applications.

- For the Wanderer

Wanderers, road warriors, and travelers will love the Accent Wallet or the Accent Duo. Both premium leather wallet cases are innovatively infused with Unequal protective technology and built-in smart layers through TriCore construction.

The Accent Duo has a sleek, removable wrist strap and is wireless-charging compatible, which is perfect for the jet setter. On the other hand, the Accent Wallet provides all the functionality you’ll need in a minimalist package, featuring a low-profile, two-card wallet.

- For the Creative

Creatives who use an iPhone 11 Pro to express their distinctive style will love the SlideVue. The unique finger-loop design is a smart holder that secures your grip for worry-free photos, no matter the situation. Ready to film your next TikTok? Use the durable kickstand to get the perfect angle for your next video. Want to binge the latest episodes? No need to prop—the finger-loop will keep you streaming longer.

- For the Adventurer

Adventurers who are always on-the-go will appreciate the peace of mind offered by the Momentum. Specifically styled after the features of a high-performance running shoe, Momentum gives you only the best impact protection. The soft, reinforced bumpers provide all-around durability, while the raised bezel edges protect the front and corners of your device.

- For the Minimalist

Those looking for a simple and unassuming design with all the strength of Unequal technology will need the Ace Pro. Built to be lightweight and completely transparent, the Ace Pro is certainly no pushover, absorbing and dissipating force if your phone ever drops. A protective bezel provides additional edge-to-edge defense for the front of your phone.

- For the Style-Lover

Many iPhone users show their style with a phone case, and that’s where the Harmony comes in. A chic, color-gradient design offers three signature fades for users who want to personalize their phones. Underneath Harmony’s colorful exterior lies the patented and reliable Unequal Kevlar material for the ultimate drop protection and impact defense.

Protect Your iPhone 11 With BodyGuardz Technology

The BodyGuardz collection of iPhone 11 Pro cases is designed to make sure your new tech investment is protected with a case from the brand you trust.

The use of Unequal technology, wrapped in TriCore construction gives your phone the ultimate defense against the everyday impact of fast-paced, modern living. Find the right case for your life and secure your phone.